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About W. Bruce Conway

In a career spanning twenty years, Bruce has designed and published a lot of books—getting them printed and into full distribution—thereby earning the nickname: Literary Midwife.

Bruce likes to work within the following genres: aviation, nautical adventure, mens & woman's issues, historical personal memoirs, emergency preparedness, health care reform, sustainability, alt energy, the tiny house movement, simple living, self-reliance, independence, space science, intentional communities, alt economics, alt energy, and other subjects that support an ethical and progressive global paradigm-shift.

Fresh out of art school, Bruce worked for Warhol’s Factory in NYC as a screen printer and hand letterer. He soon joined the real world as a union sign man and pictorial painter. Later designing and fabricating trade show displays for Microsoft, Adobe and Boeing in Seattle, WA.

A fervent web developer and blogger Bruce posts regularly on Huffington Post & Truth-Out, and is web master for Bruce is also an inventor, and is about to release his inventions through his latest web-dev project at Plans for the DIY inventions will soon be availablein Acrobat.pdf format.

WBC was the founder of Noah's Archives and, one of the first positive press feeds.